Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Teacher

 As I convert the teacher's videos, and as I see his face, it makes me remember how perfect it was.  He was gay, but when he told me I have a problem and he used to have this problem too, I knew I would remember that.  Because that answer get more clear to me each day.  

When he got within my darkness, I knew I saw him.  He's there, within me and when my heart feels aching, I know it is that problem that makes me feel this way.  My darkness has issues, just like he did.  But he believed in me, that I can do this.  He was, he got to the level where he lived in the artist state of being place.  I want to live there.

Now why do I want to live where the teacher lives, one might say?  Because "the teacher thing" he did, includes, as a matter of fact, it is all based on the sexual thing in Man.  It is sexual but not the physical sexual thing we do here on earth, but a spiritual similar thing, that actually feels better than sex.  I feel that for him and I am priviledged to say that even though he didn't want to do this with me, that he decided to do this with me.

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