Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Working as a Stagehand

 Have been hired by Rhino Staging http://www.rhinostaging.com/ 

It's been very difficult working or finding work in this industry and everyone I would ask, none could answer: "How can I work in crew?  As a stagehand, Grip, that sort of thing?

I don't know why noone could answer, even though they seemed to be working constantly.

Maybe people working in this business feel threatened about sharing information. Or maybe they struggle themselves.

I am excited about working through Rhino and will keep you posted on my progress.

For anyone interested in working as crew, check this company out.  You won't have to pay upfront fees to find each job - like StaffMeUp. 

Combining The Phil Blecker material
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Finished a documentary about Dracula
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Always uploading material on my four dropbox channels
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My narration of Dracula has been published on Audible and I have promo codes for those interested in them.
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Narrating The Way of Transformation

Narrating " Meeting the Shadow The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature"