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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Phil Blecker's tapes

Phil's Old Original Website can be found here 

LA Audio Notes:  pdf book 

1-----Overview 11/2/1995 (week 1)2-----The 4 forces Resistance 11/9/1995 (week 2)3-----Resistance 11/30/1005 (week 3)4-----Resistance 12/7/1995 (week 4,5,6)5-----Resistance 12/14/1995 (week 4,5,6)6-----7th Decision (a new good) 12/21/1995 (week7)7-----2nd force – 12/28/1995(week8)8-----Greed, Vanity, Pride – 1/4/1996(week9)9-----Preparing the way – 1/11/1996(week 10)10---Ideals, the misery of struggle – 1/18/1996(week 11)11---Ideals, the vicious Cycle – 1/25/1996(week 12)12---Stress & Trying to Improve things –2/8/1996(week 13)13---7th Decision (a new good) 12/21/1995(week 14)14---Obedient to my nature – 2/22/1996(week 14)15---Obstruction to being aware – 2/29/1996(week 15)16---States of being #1 – 3/7/1996(week 16)17---What is Self Observation – 3/21/1996(week 17)18---States of Being – 4/11/1996(week 18)19---States of Being – 4/18/1996(week 19)20---Freedom – 4/25/1996(week 20)21---2 worlds – 5/2/1996(week 21)22---2 worlds games  – 5/23/1996(week 22)23---2 worlds games the 4 great games – 5/23/1996(week 23)24---Adultery and the conscience – 5/30/1996(week 24)25---Living and possessing – 6/6/1996(week 25)26---Blame responsibility  possessions – 6/13/1996(week 26)27---Thinking reacting growth – 6/20/1996(week 27)28---PAIN (week 28)29---Knowing & Believing – 6/27/1996(week 29)30---Avoiding pain – 7/25/1996(week 30)31---30a, 30b – 8/1/1996(week 31)32---Valuing – 8/8/1996(week 32)33---What is, what ought to be – 8/15/1996(week 33)34---Necessity of disidentifying – 9/26/1996(week 34)35---Self improvement – 10/3/1996(week 35)36---The way & being incomplete – 10/24/1996(week 36)37---I cannot Do – 11/7/1996(week 37)38---Truth & Freedom – 11/21/1996(week 38)39---The necessity of self remembering40---Beginning of self remembering41---Staying on the way42---Being, doing having, getting43---School subjects44---As seen by I45---Dissapointment and feedback46---Openess & Freedom47---Dissapointment or freedom

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